Student Association

Get to know the student leaders who help make this your campus and ensure you’re connected through activities, Student Senate, 和更多的.



Basketball Intramurals

Tuesday, 2月ruary 6th

Women's Dorm Worship

Tuesday, 2月ruary 6th


The challenges that exist in the world today, both in faraway countries and here in the U.S., are enormous and daunting. Be part of the solution by volunteering to serve as a student missionary. 电子邮件 to find out how.


Find Spiritual Direction

The Office of Campus Ministries is a hub for vespers organization, 小群体, mission trips, service projects, and spiritual counseling. Stop by to learn more!


Further Your Spiritual Leadership

Develop your initiative and your relationship with Christ by serving your student body in a spiritual capacity as a chaplain, resident assistant, worship leader, and a variety of other positions. Check with your student leaders to find out how to become one.

Meet 尼科莱特 Piaubert

护理 assistant professor and student success coordinator 尼科莱特 Piaubert, F.N.P., R.N. has worked at PUC for over a year. Last year she was one of the nursing professors who went on the Kenya mission trip, where she assisted in delivering babies at the clinic there. One of the babies was even named 尼科莱特, in honor of her.


先锋 体育运动


Over 50 percent of the student body and many faculty and staff participate in one of our 12 intramurals sports, such as soccer, 垒球, and ultimate Frisbee.


Join the Club

PUC offers over 30 student organizations based on interests, 文化, and areas of study which engage in a variety of activities throughout the year.

报名  视图俱乐部


Live Well, Stay Fit

Stretch your body at the college’s weight room, 网球, 排球, and basketball courts, track, fitness center, and field--free with a PUC ID card. Open hours run through the weekend to keep you active all week long.



Add Vitamin N(ature) to Your Diet

The expansive PUC forest offers over 30 miles of hiking, 骑自行车, and walking trails, winding through woodlands and meadows, along ridgelines and creeks. Go with a friend or find some peace in the trees.


Confront Your Challenges

College is a time of growth, change, and transition, and all of those things can be stressful. 人民的事业 & Counseling Center ensures students are well-supported as they strive to reach their full potential in all areas of life.




Keep your mind and body running well with vegetarian and vegan food prepared from scratch in the PUC restaurant, using locally sourced ingredients alive with flavor and nutrition.


Missions Chaplain Services

Missions and Chaplain

Learn about PUC's many worship opportunities, ways to serve both locally and globally, or just pop in to chat or pray.

Worship and Serve
Career Services

Career Services

Piece together the puzzle of your future with professional counselors trained in personality and interest assessments.

Dining Commons

Dining Commons

Find out what’s on the menu, what times Bon Appetit is serving, and read their wellness blog.



Northern California has a distinct lifestyle: Gourmet food, 现场音乐, outdoor activities, 博物馆, 雾, 人字拖, 和咖啡. And it’s all yours.




You’ll Never Be Alone

No matter which dorm you call home, you’re bound to have friends within a quick walk of your room. Whether you need help with an essay, lost your phone cord, or just want to hang out, there’s always someone nearby if you start to feel lonely.


Find Your Own Spiritual Community

Each residence hall has its own regular worship, and with community spaces on each floor, residents can personalize their spiritual experience with friends, 拉, 和院长.


Family Away From Family

They may loan you a tie, bring you cookies, watch a game with you, or offer advice. Though it looks different for each of them, our residence hall deans are approachable, 有爱心的, 和有用的.